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200 Liter / 500 Liter / 1000 Liter

Brew your own, individual beer with the Braumeister and make your dream come true!

In doing this, make use of the well-proven concept of the Braumeister, which is a compact brewing facility.
Brewing, purifying, hop boiling, whirl pooling and cooling down – everything is accomplished in one single kettle.


The fully automatic brewing control ensures the brewing process of any individually adjusted recipes and runs through all brewing phases according to precise time and temperature parameters.

The purifying process is realized easily and quickly just by lifting up the malt pipe with the lifting device mounted on it.
Thus, you will be able to achieve a proper and quick purifying process. Last but not least, the facility is mobile and therefore easy to move, with limited space requirement. It is the optimal equipment for restaurants, pubs, specific events or brewing communities.

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