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10 bbl Brite Tank

30psi Pressure tested

High Quality weld

Interior: 304 Stainless Steel 3mm, 2B finish and passivated

Outer: 304 Stainless Steel 2mm, brushed

Cooling jacket: 2mm, dual cooling zone (or more) 3/4" NPT

Insulation, polyurethane, 70mm thickness

Dish head / Dish bottom

4 adjusable legs

Sight fluid level tube

15psi PVRV / CO2 outlet / cooling inlet and outlet / thermowell

Side Manway / hop mouth

Butterfly valves / 1x PVRV / 1x Sample valve

Thermometer, 2.5" diagraph-seal pressure gauge

Neccessary TriClamps and Gasket

2 bar working pressure, 3 bar jacket

77.6 inch Height / 53 inch Diameter

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10 bbl Brite Tank

  • Freight is calculated based on your location. Wood Crate is $250

    Please call for Freight Quote 239-443-9925

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