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1bbl Single Shell Fermenting/Unitank

1 BBL single shell Fermenting/Uni Tank

304 Stainless Steel
Single shell
Inner surface is 2B finish and passivated
20% Headspace
PRV Valve 2 Bar / 30 PSI
60° conical bottom
Sample valve
1.5 TC Racking Arm
Analog temperature gauge
Hop port
Blow-Off Pipe
Cooling Spiral for Glycol Cooling


250lb (non crated) (Crated approx. 350lb)

Please dont many any Payment with PayPal!
Please call for Freight cost!

1bbl Single Shell Fermenting/Unitank

  • Freight is calculated based on your location. Wood Crate is $200

    Please call for Freight Quote 239-443-9925

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