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20 Liter Braumeister PLUS - FREE SHIPPING
This Unit is a special sale for a brand new 2014 Unit. Same as the 2020 Unit. Just update all the software of you add the Wi-Fi Module and you are up to date. 

This way brewing more complex beers is easier than ever before. The Braumeister PLUS is available with a capacity of 20 or 50 litres.For emptying the waste water there is an additional outlet tap mounted to the tank bottom, which makes cleaning remarkably easy.    Made of stainless steel    Brewing quantity: 20 litres of finished beer (normal beer) = approximately 23 litres of wort    Maximum malt quantity 6 kg    Remark: The use of the cooling jacket at the PLUS is not working properly with the short malt pipe and the half quantity of wort

20 Liter Braumeister PLUS - FREE SHIPPING

  • Heating coil: 2,000 W output Pump: 9 W Power supply connection: 230 V (fuse protection min. 10 A) Control system: fully automatic brewing control (temperature, time, pump) Maximum malt quantity: 6 kg Weld-on double jacket for cooling Cold water connection on the back 1" AG (2x) Additional outlet tap ¾" on tank bottom
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