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65 Liter Stainless Juice Tank Set
I know where my juice comes fromUsing the Speidel juice container, you can store fruit juices for months and tap off some every day without the juice fermenting or becoming bitter. Because of their health value, juices made from apples, pears, black and red currants, raspberries, elderberries and grapes are particularly popular. Each variety can be stored separately or mixed. Water can also be added to make the juice more palatable. If you want, cider or wine that are already fermented can be stored in the juice container.The container does not need to be full. Because the floating lid adapts to the contents; it always floats on top of the juice. As the juice is tapped off, it lowers automatically. A sealing ring made of the finest, medically pure oil keeps the atmospheric oxygen out. So the juice stays fresh for months. The ancient Romans, too, used to pour oil as an "airlock" on top of their wine to make it keep longer.Juice container + stainless steel flat immersion heater with thermometer

65 Liter Stainless Juice Tank Set

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