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Fermentation Tank 120 Liter (non pressureizable)
    Clear beer tap, 3/4" female connector
Main tap 3/4" female connector
Double jacket 2 x 1" male connector
With cooling jacket
Lid with hole for fermentation lock
NW10 nozzle with blind cap for thermal detector sheath


For fermenting larger quantities of beer we recommend the Speidel stainless steel fermentation tank.
The special 3D inner surface facilitates cleaning.
The double cooling jacket is pre-equipped with a connector for a wort chiller to produce bottom-fermenting beers.
The stainless steel fermentation tank is supported stably and safely on three feet.


Diameter: 44 cm
Height: 127 cm

Fermentation Tank 120 Liter (non pressureizable)

  • Freight and Packaging is calculated based on your location.

    Please call for Freight Quote 239-443-9925

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