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Speidel Pressure Keg / Cask, 50 Liter 10 bar
A real juice shop!

With this versatile cask you can make your own drinks, keep them fresh for months and tap some off every day - without heating and without adding chemical preserving agents.
Sweet fruit juice or must

with as high an alcohol content as you wish made from apples, pears, berries or grapes. You can decide the alcohol content for yourself: The shorter the cask remains open after filling, the less fermentation sets in and the lower the alcohol content is (max. 10 bar due to fermentation).
Low alcohol sweet juice

made from apples, pears , berries, etc. Almost alcohol-free by adding carbon dioxide: reduced secondary fermentation, month-long freshness (max. 10 bar).
Fermented drinks

Tap fresh wine, cider, beer & sparkling wine just like in a pub: Only 0.5 to 1 bar carbon dioxide pressure keeps the drink fresh for months and provides the necessary pressure for drawing off. In the case of wine, carbon dioxide avoids excessive sulphurization.
Produce your own soda water or mild sparkling mineral water

yourself from tap water by adding carbon dioxide. For all those who love soft drinks with low amounts of carbon dioxide and want to save a lot of money. Always the best water quality (in Germany, to some extent, better than that of bottled water), no more dragging crates here and there, and always fresh on tap.

Speidel Pressure Keg / Cask, 50 Liter 10 bar

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