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Stainless Steel Pressure Tank 625 Liter
For the maturation/fermentation (conus tanks) of larger amounts of beer we recommend Speidel’s stainless steel pressure tank for up to max. 1.2 bar
The special 3D inner surface facilitates cleaning
With double cooling jacket at the tank cylinder for the maturation and fermentation of bottom-fermented beers outside a cooling chamber
Made in compliance with the guidelines for pressure equipment 97/23/EG including approval from Germany’s Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV).
Curved top layer with pressure dome NW 400
Safety valve mounted on top layer
Type plate for the identification of the container
Multi use connection: nozzle NW 25 DIN 11851 moulded on top layer for T-adapter for the connection of CO² valve and plug apparatus or sprayhead holder NW 10 for cleaning.
Nozzle for sample taking NW 10 DIN 11851
Temperature measuring-welded threaded connector NW 10 DIN 11851
Clear drain outlet 1" ET
Complete drain outlet 1" ET
Double jacket 2 x 1"  ET

Stainless Steel Pressure Tank 625 Liter

  • Please call for Freight/Shipping cost! Item not in Stock. Current Delivery time is about 8-10 weeks!
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